We will spare your life if you throw this handful of mud on Draco Malfoy.

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'Oh, you can never have too much self-love. And by "you" I mean "me."' -Draco Malfoy.

Quote inspired by Switchblade Kittens' 'Ode to Harry Potter'.

I am but a brilliant, noble, handsome, witty, fetching, brave, superior, intelligent, dashing, debonair, clever, resourceful, reliable, rich, humble boy.

Steal this icon and I will cut you.

Happy stupid birthday, Malfoy. Love, nraged (and me.)

I made pirateship make the layout. And she just stole la_pensee's. Please don't hate us forever Pansy for the thievery...
"can we keep him?", "eat ether", "eat xerox boot", "the hole" "itisn'ta hole!", "whyyou're nearlyas sharpasa spoon!", _ _ _ _?, algae stains, amazing repertoires, ankle biting, apparating into finch-fletchley's cupboard, apparating to potter(kick.him.til.he.bleeds), awe-inspiring carving powers, beautiful days for outings, being czar, being manhandled by potter, being picky about slots, being unaware ofplatonic relationships, boot eyelinering malfoy todeath, boot's 'bologna pony', breaking harry's nose, breaking malfoy's nose twice, brutally attractive seekers, bucket of rooster's blood, capitalizing my father, classic and chiselled features, clintonian responses, clubbing people called golf, concern for potter's pseudodeath, current mood: fine, current mood: enraged, cutting wit, did you find yourself?, die., don't patronise me tbwl., doyoukissyoursister with that mouth?, draco malfoy, draco's caddy, draco's stupid lip balm, evil overlords, fascinating history of lettuce, fiery tbwl vengeance, fighting the good fight, fine., flagged words in red, forced to buy onions, glove-slaps, go suck a soufflé, golf, gulf!, gunny sacks, ham?, he-who-should-never-have-been-named, him, him again, his hideout, hunting for zabini, i: moralistic&honest prefect;potter: debauched, insolent curdles of cottagecheese, intimidation, je m'appelle malfoy, just parchment and agalleon, just_harry/potterstinks, large green mass oficing, literati!, looking like mashed carrots, m.b.'s army tank, malfoy mannerisms, martin/scorpio, masses of liquorice-flavoured gas, melvin muggs, millicent breaking draco's toes, mr i love colours, muggle light bulb-esque appearances, muggle london, my detention from hellbydracomalfoy, nefarious doings, nocturne_alley, not the chudley cannons, notbeingseeker for the cannons, nraged, okay., orangesgrapefruits cantaloupes and grapes, pansy and millicent, pansy/m.b., paper dolls, patriot's passion, pax for the moment, perfection, plants on holesin beds, potter isn't even dead!, potter's fascism, potterstinks, power, puffskein zombies, queenie greenknees, rainclouds, raw gaping ham sandwiches, receiving compliments, scowling coldly, sharing a bed withpotter, shaving down bed posts, simply etc., sir cadogan the painting, slot b/tab a, socks, spellotaping to pansy's headboard, stalking stalking stockings?, striking fear into hearts, suffering unfairly, talking about breasts, tbwl bath towel addendum, tbwl et al., tbwl etc., tbwl hogwarts robes, tea parties :/, telling everyone harry inventedthewheel, terrorist house-elves, that'sthe rub ofthegreen potter., the lake is deep, the notter, the scar strikes back, the weasel's pornography stash, they rather liked it, things that are awry, towel racks, trashy romance novels, vaginal rendering ofa flower, veritaserum questions, war with dacey, weasel incest?, you forgot 'y.'